sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

The Mòstra de l'Estela, situated close to the Roman church in one of Moustiers’ quiet alleyways, is a haven of calm lit by the beauty of the ceramics, the work of craftsmen, of contemporary artists. The village of Moustiers is a natural and ideal place to visit after an adventure in the gorges of the Verdon or after bathing in the soothing waters of the Sainte-Croix lake.

galerie moustiers

Sylvie Alès is a potter of glazed earthenware, ‘terralhas’, renewing Moustiers past evidenced in the myriad of engraved potsherds scattered in the earth of the village’s gardens and endless olive groves: tulips, suns and stars, fish, flowers, magical figures and birds.
She continues to create faience tiles (tin-glazed), inspired in her decoration by the Maiolica, by pottery from the Mediterranean and afar, from Provence and from the village of Moustiers itself. 

faience moustiers

In the beautiful setting of La Rue Fouque, Sylvie is exhibiting the work of other ceramists - wanting to honour their communal craftsmanship and touched by the beauty of their vases, bowls, dishes and goblets.

In 2014 the Mòstra gallery presents 12 contemporary ceramists: Sylvie Alés glazed earthenware and faience pottery, Chantal Césure stoneware, Myriam Chemla porcelain, Xavier Duroselle porcelain, Pierre Dutertre stoneware, Jérome Galvin glazed earthenware, Marion Jonac porcelainKrog Øvrebø porcelain, Hélène Lathoumétie porcelain, Sylvie Piaud stoneware, Stéphanie Raymond porcelain, Gudrun Schirmer polished earthenware.

In addition to the permanent gallery, the 'Spring 14 – 4 young ceramists' exhibition shall run from the 4th April to the 28th July, show-casing the work of Alexandre Baudino glazed and vitrified earthenware, Solène Bucci stoneware, Stéphanie Gaillard stoneware, and Benjamin Taillard stoneware and porcelain.