sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

Alexandre Baudino




Rushing, twirling, this way and that, this young man has brought his science and curiosity to the service of a burning desire to create. Immediately his creations are born from his skill, challenged by the rage of the wood fire, rough and refined, dark and brilliant. Of an undeniable modernity. Keep the fire burning, Alex, you have not ceased to amaze us!



“In the beginning ... there is the mixed clay with the desired sand: red faience, blacks, whites, sometimes chamotte … a bit of sandstone. Today there are nine different types of earth waiting on the rack ready to be fired. Skin and bone, the pieces await to receive their second skin, a layer of white earth. Different thicknesses allow me to bring to the fore lines left by the throwing and to create a composition ready for the decoration yet to come. Decoration born from a spontaneous gesture, released. Coverings of metalic oxyides, coloured coatings that reveal their most beautiful shades underneath the transparent glaze after firing. Firing with a wood-burning oven, at almost 1160 degrees celsius, it is this moment with the fire that gives the variation in colour and texture as a result of their position in the oven and the movement of the flames. The fire animates and captures, like the cinemas of old. Using a wood-burning oven is also an opportunity to share a moment in the garden, amongst friends.”