sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

Benjamin Tailland




"For each baking session I choose a different type of earth; mixing various sands and some ferriginous earth from my garden. I create a cylinder that shall serve as the basis, as a canvas. I bring texture to the outer layer using different tools: brushes, pieces of wood, a thimble, to name just a few. Then from the inside, I push outwards, and in this way I develop the designs on the outside by opening them up.  Its a universe in expansion where the decoration manifests itself little by little and all the while the walls become thinner.

The wood fire that gives life to the pieces, reveals their identity. As the ashes settle, they create a random decoration of their own. Small nuclei, shades of colour dye the porcelaine crude orange, in brown, yellow, violet and green. In blue tainted grey, sometimes in vermillion, delicate nuances  always in a perfect harmony."