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Pierre Dutertre




Pierre Dutertre, Potter, creator, innovateur, teacher, altruistic and attentive to the needs of others and to the future of our planet. After training at Dieulefit and Hohr-Grenzhausen in Germany, 5 years in a workshop at the Paul Ricard foundation on the Island of Bendor, he settled in Ollioules in 1981. He was the leader behind one of the most important ceramics gatherings, the Spring of the Potters of Bandol. A rich meeting pot, crucial for the world of ceramists. He plays the film, The Passers-by, with large brush strokes; the slow movement of beings, entertwining their solitude lived through encouters. He draws giant belemnite rostra, reminiscent of a childhood in the hills of Dieulefit, the village of 'Les Justes', that remains the eternal witness of the Righteous among the Nations. He calls his bowls and vases to meditate, his tiles thrive in the wirlwind of life. A strong and harmoneous contrast between white, blacks and hints of blue. Controlled power and humility, Pierre Dutertre, generating sparks he composes an entity, an essential coherence of pluriality. A strict, yet all the while gentle, respect for the world, for life.