sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

Solène Bucci




A determined young woman, calmly observes mankind and the landscape around her. Then, she starts to conduct, on the pure shapes of her ceramics, a subtle symphony to the rhythm of lines and checkers, placing timeless greenery and branches, round and square; naif drawings suggesting fruits and flowers, spilling over into spring leaves. In her gardern 'du Lot' she engages with the world through her quest for peace and harmony.




“I like the fact that earthen work is an accessible medium for all kinds of expression and discovery. From the novice exploring the feeling of the wet earth as she shapes it with her hands for the first time, to the experienced artisan, meticulously creating utensils and recipients from time immoral, to the artist, materialising through his work the physical reality of an idea, an emotion. Ceramics is always pushing the boundaries of art and science, moving from the possible towards expression of the imagination. While working I marvel at the sponateous dialogue that arises between that which I wish to create and the physical and chemical constraints imposed by the earth and the fire. I wish to give as much importance to the idea, to the project born in my mind, then transposed onto paper, as to the intrinsically beautiful gestures of the potter, who rises the earth on the wheel or who traces with one simple movement the pattern on the pot. Increasingly I am guided by the pleasure of doing, of the action itself, which seems to be linked to the accumulation of experience that refines, assuring the gesture and freeing it as much as the technical laws permit. The essence is the meeting of creator, his story, the material, the object that ensues and the person who receives the emotion in its finished form and makes it their own.”