sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

Spring 14  4 young ceramists

Alexandre Baudino      Solène Bucci
Stéphanie Gaillard       Benjamin Tailland


2008-2010. Four friends from the Lycée of Antibes in the class of Diploma of Artistic Professions (DMA), fall under the charm of the 'ceramics fairy'. From stages and chance encounters, they discover this world of artisans-artists, demanding, free, nervous, individualistic and deeply solitary. It shall become their life.
2014. We are glad to welcome these four young ceramists at the Mostra Gallery for their first exhibition. Already more than just promises, the first miles of their artistic journey.


4 céramistes Moustiers

The stoneware of Stéphanie, moulded from the memory of the earth, stones and wind, branded by the imprint of bark and leaves;

From Alexandre Baudino, pieces born from his skill, challenged by the rage of the wood fire, rough and refined, dark and brilliant, and of an undeniable modernity;

Timelesness and serenity mark Benjamin Tailland's stoneware and porcelain, enrobed by soft curves; calm, liquid waves;

And finally, the pure shapes of  Solène Bucci's ceramics; a subtle symphony to the rhythm of lines and checkers, the elegant branches, fruits and flowers of an eternal spring.