sylvie ales
céramique moustiers

Stéphanie Gaillard




Through the window of my studio, first I spy the Vercors, unveiling its shapes, then the wallnut trees and the freshly toiled fields, a countryside born from the earth itself. The earth is alive, it cracks and ages, keeping as a memory its very own history. I dare to hope that I can transmit this same emotion, the feeling I have when observing the lines of age on someones' face; the bark of a tree, the folds and creases; Or the geological layers of rock, telling their tale of the passage of time. I am guided by the desire to give life to a piece in the solitude of my studio knowing that one day this creation will continue its journey elsewhere, the chanced glance of an admirer, an accomplice, choicing it especially from amongst the others. From the moment you set eyes on them, Stephanie's sandstone pieces astonish and seduce the viewer. By their different shapes, contrasting yet complementary. Amongst her Baroque style pieces, her vases and bowls stand out, pure and elegant. They are moulded from the memory of the earth, stone and wind: distinguished by the inprint of selected bark and leaves. In this way she unites geology and vegetation, the organic and the mineral, hidden in her attic seated atop the high-ground of the Vercors.